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Training for Women Politicians | Synergians
Training for Women Politicians

Project Detail

Shakti- Training for Emerging Women Politicians

In kerala, population of women is higher than men and kerala is being projected as a role model for women empowerment. But we have only 7 females in 140 member legislative assembly. Just 5%. Women empowerment will not be realized without the emergence of more woman political leaders.

To increase the number of women in government, we need more women across the country seriously considering running for office. At college level, we can see good number of girls competing in college union elections. But most of them are disappearing from the public after college days. Like we encourage and support college singers to become professional singers, athletes to become professional athletes we need to encourage and support college union office bearers to seriously take political career.

Synergians are initiating ‘Shakti- Special Training for Emerging Woman Politicians’ to encourage more women to enter into politics and to support them to succeed in male dominated politics.


  1. Identifying emerging women leadership across Kerala at college and community level and appreciate and recognize them regularly by conducting competitions like ‘Best Woman College Union Office Bearer Award’
  2. Devise special women empowerment strategies to empower woman political leaders
  3. Design and impart special continuous political leadership training programme for prospective women leaders.
  4. Offer continuous support to live, survive and excel in politics
  5. Encourage and support women to work across party lines to advocate for political participation and create networks that will increase leadership opportunities.
  6. Cooperating with political parties to actively recruit, train, and support women candidates beginning well in advance of elections.
  7. Conduct gender awareness training for men and women political party members; encourage political parties to become more inclusive organizations which take advantage of women’s participation to gain a competitive edge.
  8. Encourage successful women politicians to provide mentorship.


Shakti is an 18 days long training programme designed exclusively to train emerging woman politicians. This training covers all major areas of knowledge and skills which a modern politician required for survival and excellence. The training programme consists of 3 phases of 6 days each. The training includes lectures, experience sharing, practical, assignments, presentations etc. Training will be lead by prominent politicians, civil servants, journalists, trainers etc.


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