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Janata MBA | Synergians
Janata MBA

Project Detail

NOW, Lack of FORMAL EDUCATION is not a problem to achieve SUCCESS in CAREER – BUSINESS – LIFE

Learning is a continuous process of growth and development of every human being. It leads to the making of quality human resource. Present and future prosperity of a nation depends on the quality of its people. Proper education, skills, right attitude and character are the main features of quality people. It is the responsibility of the nation to make quality people. Our education systems are designed with this objective. Various educational policies such as universal education, compulsory education, free education, continuous education etc reflect this objective. But unfortunately none of the nations have achieved this objective so far. Lack of accessibility to schools and increased number of school drop-outs are the main problems.


We can see large number of school drop-outs around us. Majority of drop-outs remain in their first job entry level till their death and some of them are possibly being engaged in anti social activities. Most of the time, they are breeding a same type of future generation, because they are not in a position to provide adequate and proper assistance, guidance, information or opportunity to their children.

Among these, a minority achieves exceptional success in their career and life. If we analyse the lives of these exceptional people, who succeeded in their life without proper formal education, we can see an important factor which lead them to success. Their management skills are the important factor make them successful. The Management Skills they got naturally or through the informal ways of learning lead them to achieve exceptional success in career, business and life.

Their experiences show that lack of formal education is not a problem to achieve success in life, but better management skills are essential to achieve success. But unfortunately, majority of the undereducated or uneducated are unlucky to naturally acquire the essential Management Skills required for the life success in their life time.


Janata MBA is the first comprehensive professional non formal management training in India (Sometimes, even in the world). Janata MBA is an integrated need-based programme to support the aspirants to improve their present living conditions by providing education, training, guidance, assistance, information and moreover, opportunities.


  1. a) Professional Programme: – The courses which are designed to create professionals are often considered as professional courses. Eg: MBBS, B.Tech, LLB, MBA etc. If the objective of an MBBS programme is to create doctors, Janata MBA aims to generate professional motor mechanics, professional auto rickshaw drivers, professional farmers etc.
  2. b) Integrated learning programme: – Janata MBA covers all major aspects of formal education. It imparts knowledge, skill and attitude. It gives importance to literacy, managerial skill development and vocational training. Ultimately, Janata MBA is a ‘life building, man making and character making’ programme.
  3. c) Need based programme: – Janata MBA caters the individual needs of all aspirants. Janata MBA is following individualized instruction method. For a businessman, Janata MBA will help him to enhance the business. For an employee it will help him to improve his performance and career.


  • To improve the present living condition of the aspirants financially, socially and intellectually
  • To help the aspirants to select the most suitable living options
  • To help the aspirants to expertise in their present career/field
  • To help the aspirants to update their knowledge, skills and technology in accordance with the day-to-day changes
  • To help the aspirants to provide better services to their employers, customers and society
  • To help the aspirants to manage their family and future effectively with their earnings
  • To help the aspirants to get education without losing their present earnings
  • To provide lifelong education through refresher courses, periodical communication and need based assistance
  • To enhance the value and dignity of every human being and their professions
  • To ensure the active participation of people in the development of the nation


  • Janata MBA will help the present generation to improve their living status and also help the present generation to ensure better living status for their next generation.
  • Society will get high standard services (presently offered by corporate houses) from a local mechanic, shop keeper, taxi driver etc.
  • The common man will get knowledge of modern management practices and it will help them to manage their career, business and life effectively.
  • The common man will get adequate training to use English. It will help them to move to other states or countries easily and will enhance their career.

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