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Smart Indian Girl Leadership Training | Synergians
  • Event Time 9:30 am-4:00 pm
  • Event Start Date April 21, 2015
  • Event Location Rotary Balbhavan, Panampilly Nagar

Event Speakers


Kerala is considered as a developed society, which gives equal status to women. But, some statistics is disturbing and questioning our argument that we are women friendly society. Every year more number of women graduates in Kerala than men. But in public and private employment sector, political and non-political leadership roles and enterprising roles we find limited women. What happens to most of our girls? Whether they vanish, disappear or hide somewhere to get their turn. Most of the women in political and non-political leadership roles and enterprising roles are patronized by their parents or patrons and some are forced to take leadership or enterprising roles due to some painful life experiences. Some women leaders or entrepreneurs are just puppets or benami. This situation wastes India’s greatest resource, the Power of Indian Girl. We must change this situation. We must give our girls opportunities to grow, not as shadows of their parents or partners, but us confident individual.

Smart Indian Girl is an integrated training and mentoring programme designed by Synergians to support Indian Girls to grow as Smart Indian Women and to reach the sky of achievements. This programme will help the Indian girls to cultivate 5 essential skills required for success in 5 days. The skills are Confidence, Communication, Enterprising, Creativity and Management Skills. After the 5 days of intensive training the prominent women leaders our society will be assigned as mentors for these trainees, to help them to grow as they dream.


  • Target Group- Female Students of class 9 to 12
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Timing: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm
  • Resource: Top business coaches, corporate trainers and prominent women leaders from politics, administrative and business
  • Fee: Rs.1000.00 (One thousand only)/trainee


  • Day 1- Communication skills - This session will make our trainees smart and excellent communicator both in formal and informal setups. It will help them to experience the significance of small talk over just chatting and its role in networking, the great skill for growth and success.
  • Day 2- Confidence - Confidence is not the state of fearlessness and courage to do anything. It’s the courage of taking right decisions and doing right things. This session will make our trainees confident enough to stand up for themselves and for their fellow beings and will help them to understand emotional intelligence.
  • Day 3- Creativity - This session will give some useful skills and techniques which will enable our trainees to tap into creative ‘right brain’ thinking and bring a new perspective to innovation, problem-solving and managing change.
  • Day 4- Management skills - Everyone needs management skills. But unfortunately our schools are never imparting management skills. If someone wants management skills they should go more management courses. But our trainees will be introduced to the wonderful world of management skills and will enable them to use management skills in their daily life.
  • Day 5- Enterprising skills - Being an entrepreneur or innovator or leader is not an easy process. It requires lot of smart work. This session will help our trainees to understand the essence of enterprising and make them confident to pursue enterprising spirit.