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Sundari Kochi | Synergians

Sundari Kochi is a movement of kochites and those who love Kochi to make Kochi the most beautiful city of India and to make Ernakulam the most suitable place to live. It will re-brand Kochi as ‘Sundari Kochi’ the real queen of Arabian sea.


  1. Responsible tourism – to make Kochi safest and most preferred tourist destination and to ensure quality service to tourist and other visitors from various stake holders.
  2. Responsible waste management system to make Kochi zero waste pending city and to prevent or control the breading of vermins like mosquitoes and rats.
  3. Make all offices in Kochi ‘planet friendly’ by 2016.
  4. Make all houses in Kochi ’planet friendly’ by 2016.
  5. Make all factories in Kochi ’planet friendly’ by 2018.
  6. Make the vehicle pollution half of today’s level by 2020.

Details will be released soon

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