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Passenger Rights | Synergians

Passenger is the most helpless customer around the world. He/she has hardly got any choices. In every other field, they hold options out to choose from. There is no professionalism. The passenger service industry is dominated by irresponsible government/private agencies and uncouth officials and workers. We curse our destiny. We never stood up and demanded for our rights as passengers. But, Synergians are demanding for Passenger Rights. If our efforts succeed India will be the first nation in the world which enacts comprehensive Passenger Rights Act. If it happens, it will change the way every human being in earth travels.

Passengers & Their Rights

All of us are passengers. For the purpose of life, job, education, entertainment, treatment etc. we travel throughout our life. It is the passengers who face the greatest number of human rights violation around the globe. Passengers are casted out by authority, anti-socials or are molested, murdered and robbed right when we are assured the liberty to travel anywhere in our country. Everyone lose their time in the traffic jams making it late for office, interview, home, school etc. Harthals and strikes leave us starving in the midway offering not even drinking water. Students are constantly tortured for using concession tickets and are forbidden from sitting on vacant seats. Children are packed in auto rickshaws like cattle to slaughter house. We wait for disasters to react to the situation which could have been diminished easily by making and enforcing effective laws. We yell to legalize homosexuality or not to hang convicts of brutal murder but why do we remain complete numb after being tortured daily as a passenger? Ignorance, indolence or lack of media sensationalism?

How many of us will approach a consumer court against poor services offered by the passenger service industry in between our daily hurries and worries? None of about two thousand people traveling in a train complain about the dirty toilet, unhygienic food or lack of drinking water. We might get a measly compensation, a criticism against the railway or a suspension for the irresponsible authority, if sue the railway. Is that a sustainable solution?

On 15th March 1962, John F Kennedy shared his vision of Consumer Rights to the US Congress and it made consumers the real kings and queens of every business place. Even though passengers are considered as consumers, they are largely depending on the mercy of passenger service provider. We need ‘Passenger Rights’ to change the way we travel. If John F Kennedy can dream & do, why any Indian leader can’t?


The following are the original 6 Passenger Rights created by Synergians. Hibi Eden MLA presented these Passenger Rights in Kerala Legislative Assembly on July 11, 2014 in his private bill.

Passenger Rights

a) Good condition of vehicle and shelters such as bus stand, bus stop, railway station etc b) Over all hygiene of vehicles, toilets, hotels, shops etc c) Protection from Crew-made casualties like moving vehicle before boarding or alighting d) Security of life and assets
a) Controlling actions which block the passenger movements b) Protection from cancellation of journey (full/part) for the benefit of service provider c) Controlling Overall man-made delays d) Optimized journey time
a) Crew behavior and supportive staff behavior b) Comfort on bus and bus station c) Ease of boarding and alighting
a) Proper information on arrival time, departure time, running time, fare etc b) Bus stop information on bus c) Facts to make an informed choice d) Protection against misleading information
a) Considering passenger views in policy making b) Development of passenger service industry based on passenger needs and wants
a) Fair settlement of complaints b) 24 hr passenger service cells and control room


June 7- Passenger Rights Day- Why?

On the night of 7 June 1893, Mahatma Gandhi, was thrown off a train at the Pietermaritzburg Railway Station, South Africa. He had refused to move from a whites-only compartment. That incident gave birth to Non-violence Movement.
Gandhiji wrote:“I was afraid for my very life. I entered the dark waiting-room. There was a white man in the room. I was afraid of him. What was my duty? I asked myself. Should I go back to India, or should I go forward with God as my helper, and face whatever was in store for me? I decided to stay and suffer. My active non-violence began from that date.”

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