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Management Revolution | Synergians

Management Revolution aims to universalize management education by imparting management skills from standard one and ensuring availability of management courses of different levels to all at affordable fees across the globe.


Management Revolution

When to start learning Management? Whether management skills are required for everyone? Whether management education at school level will encourage entrepreneurship development? Management Revolution aims to find out an answer for these questions.

What is the right time to start learning management? We asked this question to so many people. Most of them questioned the necessity of this question. When we explained the logic, they agreed with our answer unanimously.

Everyone needs Management Education

Management is a skill which every one needs not only for handling business functions successfully but for succeeding in life. Generally, our society believes that management education is required only for a group of people who pursue Management Education for being HR manager, Finance Manager etc or for being an entrepreneur. But we have the viewpoint that every human being need to be trained in management skills for helping them in all the activities they undertake. For example a doctor, as per our today’s wisdom he needs only MBBS for become a doctor and succeeds in his profession. But he is also managing so many things like a manager. He needs to manage his patients, his subordinates etc. He will become a department head, hospital head etc. Beyond just treating his patients, he needs to market his services, solve the issues and crises, manage conflicts and resources, and find out new ways to treat a disease and more. If he fails as a manager, he will remain as a mediocre doctor. This is applicable to all jobs like scientists, engineers, lawyers, politicians, journalists, conductors etc.  A conductor or driver will become transport officer or depot manager etc later in their career. If they fail as a manager, their career will be disastrous for them, their organizations and for their customers.

Management Education should start from schools

Now, in our education system management education starts from graduation or post graduation level. Some are getting special training on management skills from the organizations they work. These two or three years of formal management education and two or three days of off the job management training are not sufficient for acquiring management skills. This system is creating mediocre management graduates whom are far below the standards corporate world is looking for.

There is an old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new trick.” New findings about the ability of the brain to form new connections and grow new brain cells even in old age now indicates that healthy older people can usually learn new things well. But the age makes learning process slower, possibly because an older person already has so many full “file drawers” of memories. Moreover Elissa L. Newport, chair of the Brain & Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester in Rochester, N.Y., says studies have strongly shown decline in learning power for humans.  In a study by Gist, Rosen, and Schwoerer (1988), it was found that older trainees exhibited significantly lower performance than did younger trainees in terms of acquisition of skills.

Whether the above theories are right or wrong, it is sure that what we learn during our childhood will long for long. What we learn lately need more attention to make it concrete in our life. So, we say the right time to start management learning is standard one. Like language skills, management skills are vital for everyone. Management skills like planning, time management etc are helpful for students perform well in academics. Skills like people management will help them well in dealing with different kind of people they meet in their life.


Management Education is necessary for Entrepreneurship Development

If we can impart management lessons with the thrilling stories of business successes and leadership from the first standard to our kids, it will surely nurture enterprising skills in them. Moreover some of the kids will consider ‘business’ as a career option like medicine or engineering.

Management education from first standard is the need of the time. BBA or MBA should be remained as specialized Business Management courses for higher levels. Management has to become a regular academic subject from standard one to ten.


The following are the three of five steps Synergians are initiating to take Management Education to Masses.

Management to Masses

Synergians are preparing the draft curriculum for teaching management at school level. This curriculum will cover all areas of management and business required to be taught at school levels. Based on this curriculum, text books will be prepared. Synergians are waiting for the support of government and other interested organizations for the financial support required for the preparation of textbooks.
The first step will take minimum one year for completion due to several factors. So we initiate a simple, short and sweet way to popularize management among students. That way is Business 5tantra. Business 5tantra is an innovative management training programme designed based on Panchatantra. It is a series stories inside a story and will impart 5 essential lessons for success in business, career and life to the participants.
KIDS MBA is an independent management learning curriculum for standard one to SSLC. If governments fail to implement the idea of incorporating management education in school curriculum Synergians will offer it as a separate course to help Indian Kids to acquire management skills at early stages of their life.

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