The Synergian Belief

We never work to make wonder in a day. But our work will make wonder one day

What We Do Now

Synergians always dare to do what others forget/fear to do, because we know what we have to do to Make India Number One and the World a better place to live

Success Stories

Our successes are just small milestones in our journey to make big impacts

Upcoming Events

Everyday you can expect something new, fresh and exciting from Synergians to make your world wonderful
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Once upon a time our homes and hearts were ruled by various wonderful games. We neglected these games when our joint families became nuclear families and when we lost our childhood virtues. These games taught us mathematics and management skills. They str...

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Synergians are exploring India’s opportunity to become world’s Sports Medicine Destination by integrating different medical practices of India to ensure better SPORTS MEDICINE for the world. As part of this mission, we are planning to conduct a 3 days...

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Golympics 2015

The second edition of successful ‘Golympics’, Olympics of traditional games will take place at Gothuruth, Ernakulam, Kerala on May 1, 2015. More events and more teams will participate. The tournament include games such as 500, Nadan panthulali...

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Summer 5tantra

When to start learning Management? Whether management skills are required for everyone? Whether management education at school level will encourage entrepreneurship development? Synergians’ Management Revolution aims to find out answers for these questi...

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Cochin Childhood Games 2015

Now, Synergians brings the time-tested childhood games back to rule your homes and hearts with world’s first ever CHILDHOOD OLYMPICS. If you are an adult, these games will take you to your wonderful childhood. If you are a kid, you will get a chance to ...

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